27 May 2012


Hello there. Yepp me back again. School holiday? Okay its great. Will gonna have a lots of fun. Lots of travelling. But for me? Nah. Me just waiting for my family. They'll be here by next week InsyaAllah. Okay cut the craps. Just straight to the point.

Actually I've got a lots of wedding invitations. Yepp. A lots. Its not typo. Friends. Families. Uitm's friends. Schoolmates. Classmates. Ex-officemates. Ex-boyfriends. Okay start counting! But sincerely, I can't join them! Sigh. A lots of work. Got no time for myself either. Sorry for me.

So, I'll dedicate this quotes for my friends who are getting married/engaged/just married. Its a simple quotes about love. (Yeah I do love quotes!)

Dear friends/families,

Congratulations on your wedding day.
May your life will be much better than today.
Hope all your dreams come true.
I'm sorry cause I can't join you guys.
Share the love and laugh together.
Hoping that it will be long lasting.

Last but not least,
"Lean on each other's strenghts; and forgive on each other's weaknesses"

the most important thing is, just be happy.

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