17 February 2012

How to organize yourself at work

Sometimes people will have a lots of task to do in a day but they definitely can solve things on the dot for that day. But also happened that some other people don't have a lots of work but at the end of the day, their job are still hanging in the air. How they do it? How to organizing yourself? Here is a list of the things that maybe can help you to solve this problem.

  • Notable
    • Always jot down every single thing that you have to do on that day and to make it more clearly, do some highlighting whenever you see the important words so that you won't take a lots of time to recheck the words after this. You can also used the Post-It Notes with different colours. Such as, for the high important task, you will you a Red colour paper and for the small task, you can used the lighter colour paper. 
  • Telephone Call
    • Limit your telephone call each time you used it. Just used the telephone to make an important calls only.
  • Waiting
    • Sometimes, you'll have to wait for others to settle down their work before you can continue doing it. The times taken can not be waste out. Take that time to tidy up your table, files and documents. Throw away all stuff unneeded so that you won't mixed up your things with the unused stuff.
  • Keep your stationary complete
    • Make sure all your pens always have an ink and your things are well-organized all the time.
  • Once and Only Once
    • Be sure that each paper/document should be handled once. Either you to read it, file it or pass it to the others, you will do it just in one time. Control yourself from doing things twice because it will wasting your time
  • Leisure
    • Spend at least 20 minutes for every 4 hours for yourself. It is a time to relaxing your mind before doing other task. You can have a chit chat, small talks with the bosses, make a coffee and just sit down and hear what other peoples talking.

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