23 August 2014

Its been a while


Its been a while huh? Too much to tell. Too much to say and yet I don't know how to start.

Currently busy with baking project. A few ideas came up. Need to prepare our business plan. Draft. Sketch. Draft. Delete. Start over again. Its really tiring.

Alhamdulillah now we've spent most of the time at home. Cook at home. Breakfast at home. Hahha. We can saved up to RM30.00 a day if we have our breakfast at home! Breakfast and bawa bekal. Jimat!! Outside food is not healthy. In fact, I also can polish my cooking skills and luckily my husband love to try new recipes invented by me. Hahha.

Most of the time, I whatsapp my mom how to cook this, how to do that, how to make this taste like hers and so on. My mom won't tell you the exact quantity. She will tell you all the ingredients. But its up to you how you measure it. She said, when we cooked, we have to use all of our body. Your eyes to see whether the colors is same like her's. You nose to smell it. Seriously I'm not the type of cook yang suka cuba rasa masa tengah masak. Everytime I cooked, I'll asked my husband to taste it. Aku ni jenis yang bila masak, tengok warna and bau sama macam ibu masak, kira jadilah tu. Hahha.

Need to go now! I'm currently doing extra classes for Qhalisya.

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