13 December 2011


Carnations bouquet as simple as this would be great for me. Love it!
Carnations? Not roses? Nope. Definitely I'm not a roses lover. I'm a carnation lover. Seriously. Why carnations? No reason. Hurm sigh~

Some said I'm not a normal person coz I hate roses. Women have to love roses! Seriously? Damn. I'm not! Totally not!

Its not a women's flowers. Its just a flower which we always defined it as a lovers flowers. Eww! Can I just love carnations? Please. Please. Please!

Right now I'm looking for a mug with a carnations patterned. Serious dah jumpa tadi but not in love with the design. I just want a sweet colors. Like pink+white and a lil bit of green touch with a white based. Is that hard to do?

Currently in love with white colors. Yeah white is not a color. But serious. Love white furniture's, whitey curtains and so on. Yang penting nak warna putih. Hmm letak bunga carnations sikit kan? Comel tak? Hehhe. Okbai.

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