24 April 2011

Can I make it simple?

I love you without knowing how, why or where from.
All I know is it's love and in it's purest form.
And regardless on how you feel about me,
I shall keep loving you because,
It's too difficult to let go.
Especially because,
I don't want to let it go.


fahrin ahmad said...

kahkahkahkah ni mesti pasal abg yus

khaishin_101102 said...

urm betul2..sesaat je kita mampu sukakn org dn seminit je kita mampu sygkn org tu..tnpa kita sedari siapa dia?dr mn dia?apa nm dia?smua tu x pntng..tpi syg sesaat dn seminit jg org tu mampu tingalkn kita..