15 January 2011


Assalamualaikum. Today is a good day for me. A nice day becoz hari ini sales okay plus I've got bonus for this month. RM400.00 okay. Only me. Yes. I'm the only one person who get that benefits.Owh plus my monthly payment are already increase by RM100 starting from this month. You know what. I started working on June 2010. At that time, my salary are just RM500.00. But after 2 weeks, which means that I'd confirm to work there until Raya Puasa, he increased my salary to RM700.00 and now? You do the math.

Today juga saya dah confirm nak stay kerja dekat situ until I've got my new job which is my permanent job. I hope this year will gonna be a most beautiful year for me. For my family. For my friends. And for everyone around me. Hope so!

Hoping that in the of this year, my saving will increased to RM2000. Really hope for that. Wish me luck. Teruskan menabung Cik Effie!

When I was younger, I think around 6-7 years old, I really hope that I can be like my father. An ambitious person. A good person. Always trying to be a better person. A good AYAH. I always pray that some day, I wanna find a man who just like my AYAH.

But still, as the times goes by, I couldn't find that kinda person yet. Even though right now I'd already have a boyfriend, but yeah. People always wanted more than what we are already have.

Who cares bout that huh?Me?No. You? Yeah hell NO! But my parents are. They kept telling me, if I wanna find a boyfriend or I think it should be a husband, I have to find someone who can care about me, always loving me, a responsible person and definitely know how to feed me and so on. And yes I said "OK"

Urghh its really hard whenever you're getting older. You have to think about your own life, your parents' name, how to find a better job, how to manage yourself, how to cook, and there's many more how to's in this world.

Owhhh it's fun to be lil baby where you don't have to think about all this crap. Crap? Hey that is the main thing in life. The things that would grow you up faster than the others. You know what. There's always a reasons for everythings happened in you life. Remember that. Without any challenging in life, there would be no reasons for to stay in this world any longer.


.:reine:. said...

semoga cik effie dpt menabung dgn bnyknye..boley cpat2 kawen..nt anto kad tau..hikhik

roserose said...

Effie, Insya Allah you are going to get good thing this year..

Kak Long dah penah start dari bwh,gaji basic awal2 dulu,320,then 550,then bila tukar2 kerja br lah agak puas hati.Alhamdulillah.
Penah berniaga jugak memang best,ari2 masuk duit cuma penat aja,

One more important thing,find someone who loves you more than you loved him.Yang boleh terima segala buruk dan baik ..Insya Allah,

Cik Effie said...

Reine: Ehh bukan ke reine yang nak kawen dulu ek?Ubah topik pulak..