09 January 2011

Changing my lifestyle to be a better person.

1. No more Junkfoods!
2. Be happy always.
3. Finding a better job within 6 months.
4. No more Carbonated Drinks!
5. Fully facial treatment at home at least once a week!
6. Save money!Save money!SAVE MONEYYY!!
7. Body Scrub on every Wednesday!
8. More plain water please..
9. Achieves my ideal weight. (45kg okay not 52kg!)

My target for every months.

January: Register my first facial treatment with EVE TAYLOR.
February: Register my driving license lesson with Mewah Driving School.
March: Something special for my lovely parents that i will share the cost of that thing with my lil sister..I'll tell you later after we've got that present.
April: I wanna buy my own camera.
May: Saving some money.
June: Got my driving license.Yeay!
July: Buy a present for myself!Touch screen + WiFi + 3G + Good camera and speakers handphone.
August: Got my new job -Hope So! -_-"
September: My blogshop will be well-knowned among the bloggers and non-bloggers!
October: Saving money for December holiday vacation. Where to huh?
November: Plan a holiday vacation for my family.
December: Having fun with my family!


tyah_zemer said...

efie reg eh tmpt tyah n adah blajar keta

Cik Effie said...

belum register lagi..next month insyaAllah