21 April 2010

Simple Codes

  1. <HTML> ... </HTML> = Hyper Text Markup Language
  2. <HEAD> ... </HEAD> = The head, or prologue, of the HTML document
  3. <BODY> ... </BODY> = All the other content in the HTML document
  4. <TITLE> ... </TITLE> = Your Website title
  5. <P> = Paragraph
  6. <BR> = Line Break (sama fungsi macam enter)
  7. <A HREF> = Link from current website to other website
  8. <IMG SRC> = Source of Image
  9. <STRONG> ... </STRONG> = To bold your words..You can also use this code <b> ... </b>
  10. <table>  = Start Table
        <TR>  = Table Row
        <TD>  = Table Date
           </TD>  = End Data
           </TR>  = End Row
    </Table> = End Table
Warnings: All codes like <center>, <TR>, <body> or any codes MUST be closed with this
</'your code'>*change the word your code to any code that you want to use such as </center> </body>*


Chaon Cornerz said...

kalo nak kelip2 silalah pakai kod



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