12 September 2012

3 things that I loved the most

#1 - Red colour.

I dont' know since when I love this colour. Like before, I lagi suka pink colour and baby blue colour. But now, bila nampak warna merah, terus nak grab. Same thing happened when I pilih baju raya last month. Dalam otak nie duk fikir nak beli baju warna hitam. All black. Buttttttttt! When I saw this red baju kurung and red kaftan, terus ambil and bayar. Huh! Manusia boleh berubah sekelip mata. Now, anything yang berwarna merah, memang akan tarik minat I. Immediately.

#2 - Piano

Sound of music. Damn it. I loveeeee it. Since I kenal dengan Kak Suzanne, I dah minat gila dengar music from piano. Any kind of it. Fur Elise. Oceano from Roberto Caccipaglia. And she gave me this pink tiny piano for my birthday. Kalau kita pusingkan, dia akan keluar lagu Fur Elise. Nice huh?

#3 - Lotion

Err. Ini je ke yang I ada? Hehhe. Actually 3 of it I letak dekat office. Depends on situation. For Syahirah's Losyen Tangan & Badan itu untuk whiten my skin. For Johnsons Baby Lotion (Pink) untuk lembutkan tangan since my hands memang jenis kering gila. For Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion itu I akan pakai when I lupa nak bawak my perfume. Hehhe. Nothing change when I'm wearing this. Its quite sticky and oily. Not suggested! For my Johnsons's Oxygen Lotion yang botol warna baby blue itu I letak dalam handbag. In case if I kena salam dengan orang ke kannnnn. The small bottle of Johnsons Baby Lotion (Blue) itu memang sentiasa ada dalam my makeup bag. Hahha. Tips and Trick. If you have to stay overnite somewhere and you forgot to bring your makeup removal, just put a little bit of lotion onto a cotton or tissue, then remove your makeup. Jangan press coz its not a makeup remover which contain of all the necessary vitamins for your eyes. Hey I just bought another lotion. Called Hand Cream from Body Shop. RM19. That tiny thin little bottle. Smell like rose. Really good.

Thats all for now. Wanna go back home. Eat some food and go to sleep. Take care guys! Much love. XOXO

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