28 June 2012

Everything happen only for a reason

Yepp its true. I keep reminding myself that everything happen only for a reason. People won't ask you to do things without any reason right? They want you to learn. They want to teach you how hard it is to be a better person inside and outside.

Doesn't mean that people scold you only because of your stupidity. At the end of time, you'll realize how this type of people care a lot about you. How they want you to be a good person in your job or doing other things.

I'm not that kind of people who love to be reminded all the time. So if you want to avoid that, you have to avoid from doing the same mistake from time to times. Isn't that simple? Keep saying in your mind that this mistake won't be happen again. If it still happen then you have to find another solution.

Some people don't know how to ask for help whenever they stuck in doing something. Even some other people don't want to call for help. Do you think that you can do everything in just one click? It's not easy. Lets make it simple. A chef won't know how to build a building. Rather than asking for help, you can ask them to teach you how to solve things. Hey. Don't be shy!

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