16 March 2012

what's in my mind?


Hye all. What's in my mind huh? I need to buy a lots of thing next month. Sigh. If you think about money, it will always not enough for you. Hell yeah! Its true. It can't be kept in your pocket forever okay!

Things that I should buy? A new book rack for all my stuff e.g books, stocks and so on. Rack yang ada sekarang nie tak muat untuk barang yang sedia ada. Huhhu. Nak kata banyak macam sikit. Tapi tak muat dah.

Next is Oven! Yeah really. Oven for my baking project. I love baking. Actually I'm passionate in baking. Susah-susah sesuatu benda tuh, tapi memang I suka baking. Nak buat macamana kan. I do have an oven before. But still in JB. Since my mom gonna use it, so I'd rather buy another one for myself in Shah Alam.

This two item memang kena beli next month. Because it can generate my side income as well as to tidy my messy things in my room. Huh anak dara apalah bilik bersepah dengan segala macam benda yang berterabur kan.

Okay semua. Need to get back to work. Merdeka seketika sinc my Boss is not in the office right now. Hahha okeh jahat. Till meet again next time. Take care! Muchos Love. XOXO!

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